Halloween 09

Thank goodness for grandmas!  I forgot to take my camera with me for our Halloween festivities.  Luckily grandma was able to get a few shots!!  Isn’t that the cutest spider you’ve ever seen?!


Yes, he specifically asked to be a spider for Halloween. Can you tell that he’s just like his daddy :)  He was even crawling on all fours in the middle of the road to make the spider look “authentic.”  Little man had so much fun running from house to house. Here’s how it went down….he would knock on the door, yell “trk er treeet,”  watch in amazement as they loaded his bag with candy, and then say “tank yaoou” and would run off to the next house.  Love it!!!

4 thoughts on “Halloween 09

  1. Gina

    I’d agree that River is one of the two cutest spiders I’ve ever seen (Eli asked to be The Itsy-Bitsy Spider :)). Eli’s M.O. was to ring the doorbell, take the candy, wait for the door to shut, and ring the doorbell again with his bag held open. Cuz, ya know, “dat guy in dere have more canny fo me!”

    Kerry is right. Y’all are adorable!


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