12 Days of Kindness

Blessed is the season, which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. 

 -Hamilton Wright Mabi


My friend Kelly has inspired me to join her this year in 12 days of kindness…go HERE  to see how it all began!  I have pledged to commit random acts of kindness for 12 consecutive days in December.  Right now I’m knee deep in grading and final exams, but soon I’ll be able to get started and report my progress here. 

As for myself, I’m doing this because I feel so blessed, so lucky…so grateful for my baby boy who is home in my arms and for the little boy who waits tonight in an oprhanage in Hong Kong. How on earth did I ever become so blessed to have these two little souls in my life?  Life isn’t always easy for us and there have been what seemed like monumental challenges this past year, but still I think of how blessed we are and how much I can still give.  It doens’t even take money…it just takes time and willingness to give of yourself. 

Won’t you join us?!

One thought on “12 Days of Kindness

  1. kelly

    you totally rock and stuff

    (that may make no sense, but it is what I say ALL of the time and I’ve decided to introduce more of my nonsensical sayings to blogdom!)


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