The beginning of a new beginning…

Picking up where I left off yesterday….yes, the next meeting was much better.  MUCH better.  Big Brother was like a different child alone with us and away from the orphanage.  This is what I wrote that evening after our second visit together…


January 11, 2011:

mir·a·cle (mr-kl) noun:

1. an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause

2. any amazing or wonderful event

3. a person or thing that is a marvellous example of something

I think all of the above apply to the last 2 days.  If I could use any other word (besides miracle) to describe our time with Big Brother it would be smile.

Do you see this smile?

And this one?

It’s because of this one right here:

Play time at the orphanage…Big Brother and Little Man liked to chase each other around:

Play time at the flat…Big Brother likes to watch his brother show him new things:

cheerio break:

It’s hard to describe the last two days.  First, I’ll give you the list of words that come to mind:

amazing, tiring, exciting, thrilling, relieving, happy, anxiety, miraculous

We have spent the last two days visiting with Big Brother.  On Monday we went on an outing with him and some of the other children at the orphanage.  Then today (Tuesday) we spent half the day at the oprhanage and then brought Big Brother to the flat to play with us for the afternoon.  Then we took him back for his last night in the oprhanage.  Tomorrow morning, Big Brother says goodbye to the orphanage forever.

Today we signed the paperwork that places Big Brother in our custody.  His case worker in the HK government came by the orphanage today to let us sign the paperwork and to meet us in person.  We spoke at length and at the end of the conversation, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I’m deeply touched by how much Big Brother is cared for.  They told us that they think it is an act of God that he has found his perfect forever family.  In addition, no one can hardly believe how well Big Brother has interacted with us (especially Little Man).  Big Brother usually doesn’t interact with other kids that well…that is until he met Little Man.  It has left us speechless.  And tonight is Big Brother’s last night in the orphanage.  When we told him goodby tonight, Little Man cried for his brother…real tears ya’ll.  He wanted Big Brother to spend the night with us.  I gently explained that tomorrow morning he would walk out of the oprhanage and live with us forever.  There were still tears.

Thank you God.  Thank you for these two tiny miracles.  I never in my wildest dreams could have orchestrated such a perfect plan.  I know that there will be trying times ahead and I know that Big Brother has a long road ahead of him in terms of playing catch-up and learning how to interact with others, but that doesn’t diminish the awe I feel right now.

Little Man has been a superstar.  He has not once gotten overly jealous or upset.  He has shared everything and has gone above and beyond what any normal three year old should be doing.  He is a very, very special child.  Of course, his brother is as well.

Big Brother is smart.  He is delayed in some areas, but is amazing in others.  He eagerly learns new English words and has been doing so well as we teach him as much as possible.    He eats like there is no tomorrow (seriously, it’s insane) and we caught him hoarding food in his pockets and hands today :(  He also chugs his milk or juice in under 3 seconds…I think he’s scared it will be taken away if he doesn’t drink it. That’s okay, he’ll hopefully learn soon enough that food and drink are always at his reach.  Oh, and he’s obsessed with balloons.  Obsessed!

I’m really, really tired and I’m trying to prepare for tomorrow. We are worried that night time tomorrow may be quite difficult and scary for Big Brother. So, I’m not going to write any more right now. I want to blog more about Big Brother tomorrow, so come back if you want more:)

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  1. Rhoda

    Thank you for sharing again your journey. I find myself tearing up just reading these posts all over again. (Crying the first go around a year ago along with you.) Hardly seems possible that a whole year has gone by. So much growth. So many firsts and discoveries. All four of you are an inspiration and joy to know (even if only through blog land). And the journey continues on… and on… and on… forever!!!!


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