Dim Sum: to touch the heart

“One of the great culinary traditions in Hong Kong is eating dim sum. These are the tiny (steamed and deep fried) snacks that come around to your table on a trolley or are brought to you in bamboo containers with a lid…

Dim sum, which literally means ‘touching your heart,’ is served for lunch and breakfast in most local teahouses as well as restaurants….”


{a typical dim sum breakfast in Hong Kong}

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Enjoying Dim Sum is a yummy Cantonese tradition, and one we want to keep alive for Big Brother. You will find the finest dim sum ever created on the streets of Hong Kong, where this delicacy first originated. One of our favorite types of dim sum is Cha Siu Bau (steamed barbecued pork bun). We made a batch for the lunar new year and the kids loved it so much, we’ve made it several more times. They make a great snack or meal, and it’s pretty easy to make, too…





now into the steamer…and voila!




You can find the recipe here.  Now go do yourself a favor and whip up a batch today.  It will indeed touch your heart, and your tummy!

4 thoughts on “Dim Sum: to touch the heart

  1. melissa

    Yummy! You know if I learned to make my own, then I wouldnt have to feel guilty going to the Chinese restaurant so many times.

  2. Barb

    You are such a good mom. We didn’t even get a chance to eat it when we were there. I am more into simple foods but I will make sure we try it when we go back so i can say I did!


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