Wednesday Recipe Roundup {the trail food edition}

Today I have assembled a collection of some delicious (and mostly healthy!) recipes that make fun, portable snacks which are perfect for the trail. If you don’t hike, that’s okay! These also make great anytime snacks and on-the-go breakfasts for those rushed and chaotic mornings.

No Bake Energy Bites



I can’t keep these fun chewy bites in my kitchen for very long. They seem to vanish as soon as I make them. The kids have fun making these, and even more fun eating them.

Fudge Babies (completely sinless, no sugar added and vegan!!)

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We all love these treats. And the best part is that the kids don’t even know they are healthy and fruit based. Muwahahaha. Seriously, they are delicious and easy to make. They will not disappoint!

Chocolate Granola Bars

These are more of a treat type of granola bar, but you could easily tweak the recipe to be less sugary.I substituted crushed cheerios for the wheat germ and then threw in some chopped walnuts. My kiddos loved them and it’s so much better to have them snacking on unprocessed treats rather than the ones bought from the store. Next time I make them I am going to cut back on the chocolate a bit.


The rest of the recipes haven’t been made yet in our kitchen, but will be soon. They look great….

Homemade Fruit Rollups

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No Bake Energy Bars

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Baked Apple Chips

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If you have any more handy-dandy recipes that are portable and trail-ready, please share them in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Recipe Roundup {the trail food edition}

  1. Suzi

    Wow. Now I’m hungry – which to make first. Something chocolaty 😀 I love that several of these have no dairy which my little one can’t eat.

  2. dave

    They all look awesome and I have dabbled a bit in two of the categories, but I have to say the fruit rollups are the winner. I used to love these as a kid (I’m sure the store bought ones are terrible for us) and am looking forward to something a bit more natural.

    I have a 2 year old and another baby on the way. It is sometimes a challenge finding snack foods that she likes. These will do the trick nicely. Thanks.


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