A Moment


“…Our lives, a series of defining moments,
strung together by passing time.
Surrender fully to this moment
because it is not the moment itself
that defines us,
but how we choose to live in it.”
-Jill Hanna

It’s 1:00 pm on a Tuesday afternoon and my hubby and I sit quietly in front of the developmental psychologist. The air is thick with anticipation. We already know the words that are about to be spoken, but we lean in, ready to hang on to each syllable. And then it happens. The words we were waiting to hear are breathed into life. There is a sweet liberation in hearing them reverberate from a mouth other than our own.

Autism. Your son has Autism. And he is significantly cognitively impaired.

I exhale and it feels as if the weight I have been bearing alone has now been lifted… shared….liberated.

And in this moment, nothing changes. Big Brother is still Big Brother. Our love for him remains. Our pride in his accomplishments is unfaltering. Our hopes and dreams for him are unchanging.

And here we are, living in a moment that defines us all, but refusing to be defined by this moment alone.

7 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. Rachel Zook

    You are not alone and you are so correct, there is something freeing in hearing what you knew said aloud. Big Brother is amazing and will do great things!

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