Firsts {Little Man loses a tooth}

I didn’t get to see his first smile. I didn’t get to see him roll over for the first time. I missed the first time he pulled himself up with the help of his barren, metal crib. I didn’t get to see his first tooth poke through. I didn’t get to see him crawl for the first time. I missed so much.

I missed all of those first year milestones.

But yesterday, my 4.5 year old Little Man lost his first tooth.


I cannot express in words how much each milestone means to me. I know, like many who are parents through adoption, what it feels like to miss out on so many of them. I savor and treasure the milestones we experience together.

And yes, it is a bit young to be losing teeth. In fact, Little Man has two more ready to come out. My son has had major dental issues from the time he first arrived home. He has had surgery and many procedures to salvage the wreckage of extreme and early malnourishment.

But yesterday, non of that mattered. All that I could see was my sweet, precious son standing before me, beaming with pride and sharing a special moment with his lucky mama. My heart was soaring.

Every child deserves a shot at life. Every mom deserves to experience these milestones with her children. That’s why I support the Shot@Life Campaign. Please consider making a donation for life-saving vaccines that will give a child a shot@life.

What’s the most recent milestone you celebrated with your child?

5 thoughts on “Firsts {Little Man loses a tooth}

  1. beechcreekproject

    Congratulations on one of your firsts and just thing how many more await you in the future. Hold on tight while you can because as I’ve experienced it flies before you know it. My girls are 21 and 19 and it just seems like yesterday I was the center of their world. Now I circle the outside orbit of their world but I understand that is life. You guys have fun and make lots of memories.

  2. Love Many Trust Few

    So many more milestones to come. I know that as a foster carer I get to witness many milestones that birth and adoptive parents miss out on. I always try to acknowledge this by taking great photos and writing about what’s happening for this beautiful child as they grow and these go with the child when they go home or are adopted. If they are staying with me, then this documentation is theirs.

    1. Hiking Mama

      That is so wonderful! That documentation will mean so much to both the parents and the child. I would give anything to have more information about my boys’ early months.

  3. Zen and Genki

    How cool is that!? My 5 1/5 year old little guy lost his first tooth last week (the same one, too! Isn’t it amazing how SMALL they are?!?) How wonderful that you got to see it firsthand! Cheers to toothless smiles and shiny, new teeth to come :)


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