I’ve learned many lessons in my 1.5 years as an autism mom. Today I learned a new one…



When you spend 5 minutes in the bathroom and the house grows eerily quiet, it’s because your 5 year old son is redecorating your kitchen (every square inch of floor, countertop, table, chair cushions and cabinets) with a sharpie–the one you had locked away in the “baby-proofed” drawer.

This isn’t the first time Big Brother has had a marker fest in the house, however, it was the worst incident to date. I know toddlers do these things all the time (Little Man did too) but my 5 year old made sure to cover as much material as possible…he’s a pro at it by now :) Time to get a lock box for the pens and markers. Lesson learned!

8 thoughts on “Lessons

    1. Hiking Mama

      After an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol, a roll of paper towels a magic eraser and an hour of scrubbing, I managed to get a lot of it up. The kitchen chair cushions are toast, I think :)

  1. Sarah DeBellis

    I feel your pain. For the record, Huggies baby wipes will take permanent markers off a brand new iMac. Please don’t ask how I know – too traumatic. They also take it off a variety of other surfaces. Eucalyptus oil also takes it off. And it doesn’t matter how well you lock up the markers – they come out on their own at night and hide themselves in child-friendly spots.

  2. Rhoda

    On the bright side–his artistic side came out beautifully in the spiral. Love the bow on the back of whatever that is bending over. And aren’t magic erasers wonderful? Had to use mine on the walls a few years back, with the one set of non-washable markers I had stashed away. Amazing how kids find them. Must be a low frequency they put out that only children can sense. Good luck with the lock box.

    1. Hiking Mama

      Yes, I’m sure it will take no time for Big Brother to pick the lock, lol! He amazes me….and I think he must have some kind of marker radar.


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