On Solitude, Sickness and Symphonies

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“We too are called to withdraw at certain intervals into deeper silence and aloneness with God, together as a community as well as personally; to be alone with Him — not with our books, thoughts, and memories but completely stripped of everything — to dwell lovingly in His presence, silent, empty, expectant, and motionless. We cannot find God in noise or agitation.”
― Mother Teresa

This past weekend I attended a solitude retreat in order to meet my Creator in the presence of one of his most wonderful creations–nature. It was a time of renewal and restoration that was much needed. I realized that it had been years since I had sat in complete silence. Crazy, huh?



Unfortunately I fell ill after returning home. And for the first time in over a year, I accomplished another first: I laid in bed for ours, resting, while hubby tended to the kids. Hmmm, maybe being sick isn’t so bad 😉


But then I had a little one join me. Poor Big Brother. He didn’t feel quite as bad as me, but he definitley wasn’t himself.  I captured this sweet moment in the darkness…


We seem to be on the mend now.


I awoke early this morning feeling much better. I remembered to take some time alone in the stillness of nature. I was rewarded with a symphony of birds in my backyard. I captured some of it for you and I hope you take a moment to be still and enjoy. I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post, promise.

6 thoughts on “On Solitude, Sickness and Symphonies

  1. beechcreekproject

    I have one of my babies coming to stay with me for the summer. She’s just finishing up her 3rd year in college and I’m sure she needs a break from her finals. Maybe I’ll take her hiking with me a time or two before she heads back to the books. Loved the bird symphony. Nothing more peaceful. Hope you guys are feeling better. Take care.

  2. Rhoda

    Glad to hear that you had some time to get away. Sorry to hear that you ended up sick. (That usually happens when we finally stop and take care of ourselves and is usually the reason I tell my DH that I can’t stop!!) Anyways, glad to know that you are feeling better. Amazing what a little time outside can do to restore so much.


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