Big News!

You may recall my posts (here and here ) about the amazing company called Stonewear Designs.

At Stonewear Designs, we’re determined women who lead busy lives balancing time between family, friends, work, and play. So we develop clothes that make us feel beautiful while performing under strenuous demands. We are Colorado-based and our clothes are Made in the U.S.A.

I am so excited and honored to have been chosen to be a part of their Grassroots Team!!  That means I will get to spend the next year representing this amazing company.  There is nothing more fantastic than representing a company who you wholeheartedly support.  Their clothing is stylish, durable and fits just right.  Finally a clothing line that can keep up with my lifestyle!

There will be many adventures in store and I can’t wait to get started! Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped make this dream become a reality.  Stay tuned for much more as I share about my adventures while rocking some fabulous Stonewear Designs.

9 thoughts on “Big News!

    1. Hiking Mama

      I will be putting their clothing to the test on all of my outdoor adventures. Not only will I get to sport their awesome clothes, but I will be reviewing them, sharing them with others and helping other women to learn more about Stonewear. I am so excited!

  1. cliffmama

    Congratulations! How lucky! I love their stuff, but I’m afraid that I just don’t look that good in those tight snug clothes anymore. Oh, how I wish these active womens’ clothing companies would design clothes for active women who don’t have perfect flauntable bodies. Just a little looser around the waistline please, some patterns to hide the unsightly bumps. Tank topes with a little more support for women over 40 who breastfed multiple children. We want to look good while we strive towards those perfect flauntable bodies. I’m sure there’s a higher percentage of not-so-perfect active bodies out there than the perfect ones. I’m still rock climbing on the cusp of turning 50 years old, just wish I had nice looking tops that didn’t expose my not-so-flat middle age mommy tummy when I put my harness on. In the meantime, I will keep wearing big floppy shirts. Hmmm, I think there’s an idea for a new blog post for me here. Anyway, good for you!

      1. Hiking Mama

        I’m so glad you posted! I also have a very round tummy to match my size D cup up top. No matter how in shape I am, I have never been slim or chiseled thanks to my large top half, graciously inherited from my grandmother. Have you checked out the Feilicty or Electra tops? Also, their cotton version of the cross back tank is not snug. It fits without being clingy and is made of breathable cotton, not the clingy quick dry material. It is my favorite because it doesn’t cling to my mid section and it has a great built in bra support. I just wanted to suggest these in case you hadn’t seen them! I know it can be frustrating to not be able to find activewear that supports your body. That was me my entire life until I found Stonewear. Being large on top with a very small frame makes it impossible to wear other brands. They just don’t offer the support or coverage I need. Stonewear has been the first company I have found to fit my large upper half, tummy included. I hope you are able to find something, if not, I will definitely pass on your suggestions! I know they would love to hear about how they can provide more options since one of their mottos is clothing to fit every body!!

  2. cliffmama

    Thanks for the tips on the tops. I’m so tired of mail ordering and shipping stuff back that I’ve been reluctant to mail order. I have the opposite problem from you. The breast fairy was too busy at your house to stop by at mine! The problem with this is when you start getting a little belly bulge, it’s easy to end up having the belly stick out further than the chest, making it look even worse! The Felicity top might work… but if there’s too much gathering in the chest for me to fill out, then I’ll look deflated. I usually stick to prints to help hide the bulges, and the Electra top is only in solids. Now that it’s berry season, I’m trying to eat more fruits as snacks (I’m allergic to most fresh fruits but not berries) instead of more fattening goodies, which should help. But I work so many long hours in the office that it’s hard to get enough exercise. Stonewear was very nice and responsive when I mentioned them on Twitter in regards to my blog post about finding performance activewear to fit aging moms like myself. I might go buy myself a shirt to reward them for the effort. Credit goes to you, you make a fine rep!


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