Going under

I’m in Chattanooga this week visiting family.  It seems our drought has been broken down here in the South after three solid days of downpours and thunderstorms.  The rain has been steady, so we’ve had to get creative in order to keep all the kids sane! So what do you do when it’s pouring down rain?  Head underground, of course.

Today we visited a beautiful cave that the hubby and I used to explore in our pre-kid days.  We just took the half hour walking tour, but I think I’m going to take my boys back soon for a muddier, wilder adventure.

The kids had a blast seeing all the formations and even spotting a cave salamander.  I snapped a few pics, but be warned that iphones + dark caves don’t mix 😉  Luckily, this part of the cave is outfitted with lights to help visitors view the stunning formations.  Stay tuned, I feel a wild and muddy cave excursion coming soon…

the boys with three of their cousins inside the cave






3 thoughts on “Going under

  1. cliffmama

    Fun stuff. I used to do a lot of caving in my youth. I even started a “grotto” (chapter) of the National Speleological Society in this area when I was still actively caving. It’s fun to explore dark passageways and see where they go while getting around obstacles. But it gave me the worst collection of black and blues ever! And brown snot from crawling face down in mud and dirt. As my knees got less tolerant, I decided to stay out in the light and focused all my energies into climbing instead. I’m just an armchair caver now. Have fun doing the adventure trip! But be prepared and wear clothes that you don’t mind never seeing clean again!


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