14 thoughts on “I’ve got a question for you…

  1. Val

    Celebrate the gift of motherhood by living in the moment with my babes and drawing on what we all have in common and honoring our differences.

  2. Jeni

    Take my kids to Spain, to play in (and climb) the mountains that were their father’s playground, and his father before that.

  3. A Nature Mom

    Live in the present, continue to learn and experience new things, and have a positive impact on others.

  4. The Soulicious Life

    Do as much traveling as I can both in this country and out, so I can share the wonders of this beautiful world with our daughter. But when I’m stuck at home base, I feel good helping folks make healtheir, greener choices every day.

  5. latebloomershow

    Spread a positive “Late Bloomer” message (loving and respecting Mother Earth) to the world! It’s too late to jump out of an airplane, I think! (Maybe it always was.) But, I would love to say I hiked the A.T., even part of it. I want to be in a good play in a good part on Broadway. That’s been my dream for 30 years. Thanks for asking. I admire you adopting. We adopted a 3 year old boy. He’s almost 17.


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