Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Sorry for the unexpected blog break last week.  I found myself cocooning with the kiddos before they both begin kindergarten in a few weeks [insert panic attack here] and I start back to my job teaching at a local university full-time [quiet office = this mama’s new guilty luxury.]  I’ll be back this week with some fun posts that you won’t want to miss.  We have something quite exciting in store for next weekend, but I’ll fill you in on the details later.  For now, how about some blog fun?

People google the darndest things. I often get a kick out of reading the search terms that direct traffic to my blog. I usually see that I am of no help for a person’s question or google search. Often it’s amusing but sometimes it’s downright disturbing. The interwebs are a weird, wonderful and scary place. Here are some of my favorite recent search term stats. Maybe I can help all of you wandering searchers out…let me answer some of your burning questions:

1. snake strangling a woman pictures

So I’m guessing you were looking for this one of me in Vietnam….


….wait, wha? Why are you searching for that? Um, moving on.

2. boy strangled by snake

Now you’re just freaking me out.

3. where is gulf of tonkin located on a map

Right here. You’re welcome. Oh, and check out this post if you want to see more…

4. cookie of the year

Well, I’m no expert, but I can put away an entire pan of these babies in under 10 minutes….

chocolate peppermint ball cookies

5. i need my man to make compassionate love and fill me tonight

You and me both. Unfortunately I don’t have a post for that….yet.

6. there are many rocks by the water

Why yes, yes there are. You are quite observant.  Just like Little Man circa 2009 (as an aside, where in the world did my baby go?!)

7. can I make my iphone a microscope

You betcha!

8. hair-raising experience

You don’t know the half of it.

9. spider hubby

This is all I got.


10. how to win mother of the year?

Just follow these easy steps. No need to thank me, I enjoy passing my wisdom onto others.

11. windy pooh

I got nothing.

12. best cheesecake recipe

right here, baby!

13. what it’s like being mother to a special needs child

It’s hard, yo. Oh wait,  I think you were looking for this post.

14. Boys sitting

Um, nope. Wrong blog. My boys never sit still, like…..never. If you can make that happen, I would pay you a lot of money, except that I don’t have a lot of money, so you’d have to give me your advice for free.

15. i don t have acnee i am very beuty what to do

I’m guessing you should stop googling and start modeling?  I don’t know.  Or you could start a blog.  All the cool people do.

16. when parenting special needs get tough?

Get you a bottle of this:

Oh, I’m just kidding (a little.)  You sit down and write lots of posts like these and hope you will find others along the way who understand.  You will.  And you will feel so much better for putting your thoughts into something that might help others not feel so lonely.

What about you, my lovely readers?  Any burning questions you’d like me to attempt to answer?!  What are some of the funny search terms directing traffic to your blog?

3 thoughts on “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

  1. latebloomershow

    I once draped a big snake around my shoulders at a kid’s birthday reptile party. My young son did it, so I figured I could handle it. When it started to slither, I started to hyperventilate and laugh uncontrollably. No, no snakes for me!


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