Fishing with Daddy in the New Family Kayak

*no fish were harmed in the making of this post, all fish were caught and released and are a-okay!

Little Man has been needing some serious Daddy time lately.  You see, for the past year and a half, the Hubby had been working two jobs to support me staying at home to care for Big Brother.  He sacrificed so much…nights and weekends, family time, father-son activities…all so we could better care for Big Brother and give him the support he needed.

Now the Hubby is back to one job (and my flexible and wonderful teaching gig is about to start back) and life is becoming more “normal” again.  I would like to tell you that there were no negative repercussions from such a hard year, but Little Man definitely struggled with the absence of his father.  So now, Hubby is doing a wonderful job on making up for lost time.

With each kayaking or fishing trip, their bond is once again growing and Little Man is feeling more secure in his father’s love.  The soothing and healing powers of spending time in nature never cease to amaze me.  They had a blast yesterday out on the river.  Next time, it will definitely be a family trip so that Big Brother and I can try out the new family kayak.

What do you think of the new family kayak?  It’s the Big Tuna from Jackson Kayaks and so far, we are really digging it!

3 thoughts on “Fishing with Daddy in the New Family Kayak

  1. Kathy Radigan

    The look on your sons face as he is holding the fish sums up this whole piece for me. Thank you for sharing it, and thank you for allowing us to share your link and feature you on Bonbon Break this week. I know our readers are going to love this post as much as I do!


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