Welcome to My SITS Day!

Hello dear readers new and old!  Welcome to my SITS day!  If you’re wondering what in the world that is, go here to check it out.

On this blog you will see that we believe adventure is for all.  I’m known as Hiking Mama around here.

We hope to inspire others, no matter their obstacles, to get outdoors and live a life of adventureWe hike, we blog….but most of all we strive to spread love wherever we go. You will also find that the topics of adoption and raising special needs children make a regular appearance around here.  Let me introduce you to the crew….

Meet Little Man, who is 4 years old (but about to be 5!)  Little Man is as our little firecracker.  He was born in Vietnam and was adopted at age 1.  You can see that he loves the outdoors and he’s pretty fearless.  He definitely keeps us on our toes!

Meet Big Brother, who is 5 years old.  Big Brother has Autism and Cognitive Delay.  He was born in Hong Kong, China and was adopted at the age of 4.  He’s been home now about 1.5 years and has made some pretty spectacular progress.  Big Brother is obsessed with balloons, legos and rock climbing.  He loves the outdoors as much as his brother, which is a good thing considering the family he is now a part of!

And I can’t leave out my best friend, the hubby…yep, he’s every bit as wild and crazy as the boys.

These three guys are the reasons I blog.  Please make yourself at home and check out the tabs at the top of the blog.  I hope you stay to poke around a bit.  I’m so excited to meet you all!


63 thoughts on “Welcome to My SITS Day!

  1. Lauren

    Happy SITS day! I am so excited to read more of your blog. My fiance and I are big nature/outdoors people as well. So your blog sounds super interesting to me!

  2. misssrobin

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it’s a great day for you.

    You have a lovely family. Photos of playing in the mud are some of my favorites — they show you know how to have fun in the moment and not worry about the mess.

  3. jesterqueen (@jesterqueen)

    Happy SITS day. Your boys are both adorable, and I’m so happy that big brother has made such strides since you brought him home. It’s exciting in any kid, but given that he’s doing it with Autism and Cognitive Delays along as passengers on his ride, it’s that much more exciting. Neither of my two have the cognitive delays, but they both have Asperger’s syndrome, and it wreaks havoc around here sometimes.

  4. Jess

    Happy sits day! People like you are incredible! In a good way:) what an amazing give you’ve given those boys:)

  5. Audrey

    Happy SITS day! Your family is lovely and I am super jealous of wherever you were when these photos were taken. My family loooves camping and kayaking.

  6. kelleysbreakroom

    You have the cutest family!! Has anyone told you you resemble a blonde Kelly Clarkson? That is a total compliment! Found you from.SITS. :)

  7. Paloma

    Happy SITS Day! I hope you are enjoying :) Thanks for sharing about your life with us! Your boys are lovely… Looking forward to reading more about them and about all of you… I admire and respect deeply parents who adopt… what a wonderful blessing for both the children and you guys! :) Many blessings!


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