Love Photo Challenge, Day 2

Be sure to heck out the comments from day 1 to see some awesome nature love!  Thanks to everyone who is playing along!  Feel free to join in for one day or all of them.


We awoke today with a nice surprise–snow! Even though it’s only an inch, it’s pretty much a blizzard for us down here in the south. Everything is closed and it’s a bona fide snow day! We’re going to play outside a bit then snuggle up on the couch for a family movie.  Happy Saturday, and keep those love shots coming!


5 thoughts on “Love Photo Challenge, Day 2

  1. Cara

    This is such an adorable idea! With your kids growing up so fast, right before your eyes, it is tough to capture every moment. This way you can make sure the most memorable moments are savored forever. What a creative challenge!


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