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Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail

Along the Cumberland River, you will find 7 miles of converted rails-to-trails where the old rail road path from the early 1900’s has been converted to nature trails.  It is part of the Rails-to-Trails project, which I must say is an awesome idea!  It was a beautiful day to spend some time outdoors together.  Soon, there will be another silly little boy to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with…I’m giddy with anticipation…

Little Man had a blast exploring the old bridges that dot the trail

Meet "Mr. Sticky" and "Leaf Man," Little Man's new friends whom he named quite appropriately ;)

enjoyed the wildlife today...stopped to watch this crane grab a bite to eat then fly off

Hope your Sunday was as magnificent as ours.  Fingers crossed for happy, miraculous news this week! 

p.s.  we are now on week 5 waiting for HCO….yipeeee!!!!