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Fishing with Daddy in the New Family Kayak

*no fish were harmed in the making of this post, all fish were caught and released and are a-okay!

Little Man has been needing some serious Daddy time lately.  You see, for the past year and a half, the Hubby had been working two jobs to support me staying at home to care for Big Brother.  He sacrificed so much…nights and weekends, family time, father-son activities…all so we could better care for Big Brother and give him the support he needed.

Now the Hubby is back to one job (and my flexible and wonderful teaching gig is about to start back) and life is becoming more “normal” again.  I would like to tell you that there were no negative repercussions from such a hard year, but Little Man definitely struggled with the absence of his father.  So now, Hubby is doing a wonderful job on making up for lost time.

With each kayaking or fishing trip, their bond is once again growing and Little Man is feeling more secure in his father’s love.  The soothing and healing powers of spending time in nature never cease to amaze me.  They had a blast yesterday out on the river.  Next time, it will definitely be a family trip so that Big Brother and I can try out the new family kayak.

What do you think of the new family kayak?  It’s the Big Tuna from Jackson Kayaks and so far, we are really digging it!

Gently Down the Stream: Canoeing the Harpeth River


We spent the day canoeing down the Harpeth River. The boys love to take canoe trips and this was the first one of the year. And the highlights? No escaping violent weather by hiding in a cave and no tipping the canoe. Double score!! (check out here, here and here to see some of our other trips and their associated mishaps adventures.)


Little Man was ready to catch the big one:


The many smiles of Big Brother:





Little Man enjoying the very cold water:


Ceck out this duo….lovebirds, friends, aquaintances??? hmm….


And no worries, no fish were harmed during the making of this blog post. All the slippery, slimy fishies were returned to the water!







Hope your Sunday was as wonderful as ours! Did you do anything fun and Springy this weekend?

tip a canoe

On the way to the river this weekend we saw a sign that said “tip your driver, not your canoe.” Well, we did both.

On Saturday we took Big Brother for his first canoe trip on the River. He loved it and has been saying “fun canoe” ever since, despite the fact that we did something we’ve never done before with the kids–we tipped the canoe over! We all fell in. The boys are totally fine. I, on the other hand, have a sprained ankle, busted knee and injured leg from being thrown against the rocky bottom as I held big Brother up out of the water. hubby broke his thumb keeping Little Man up.

It was totally our fault. We didn’t have our weight evenly distributed and when we hit some rapids, over we went. Luckily the water was only waist deep and the boys were wearing life jackets, so all was well. I thought Big Brother would be scared afterwards, but he wasn’t. In fact, he did so awesome and had such a great time that we were totally shocked!! He must be our son, hahaha 😉 The rest of the trip was uneventful and very enjoyable. Everyone had a wonderful time on what turned into a 5+ hour trip on the water. Well, never a dull moment is a good thing…right?











Hope everyone is having a fun, safe Memorial Day!!

Row, row, row…

down the Harpeth

Today we spent the morning canoing the Harpeth River.  It was a beautiful spring day (felt more like summer, actually).  After such a rough winter (yes, I know…but rough for us folks down here in the south), it was nice to get back to more warm weathered activities.  Little man loves to canoe or do anything pertaining to water.  He really does a great job out on the water, but today…well, today was interesting :)  He was good but a little too curious at times, lol. Little man also caught (and released) his first fish today, a large mouth bass.  Oh, and fell in overboard for the first time ever…

too much fun

fishing with daddy

when asked how big his fish was, he exclaimed "BIIIIIIIGGGGGGG!!"

no luck with his Batman fishing pole

after the hundreth time of telling him to not lean over too far or else...

...this would happen (what you missed was me frantically yanking him out of the water, thank goodness for life jackets!)

nothing phases him...he was still all smiles

gently down the stream

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Here’s to hoping that this week brings us good news!!  We just began painting the boys’ bedroom this weekend and soon we hope to have the new beds ready to go as well.  It feels so “real” now…I can’t believe we are going to have 2 little boys running around our house very soon!!  Everyone keeps telling me about how full my hands will be…all I can say is bring it on :)

A 3 hour tour…a 3 hour tour (or why canoeing the Harpeth River in violent weather is fun)

Today we took our little man down the Harpeth River in a canoe. We’ve been down it before, prior to little man coming home, and it’s a great little trip…in nice weather, that is. What was supposed to be a short tour down the river turned into a long, wet cold afternoon in which we hid in a cave and waited for rescue :)  Yes, it’s true, but it wasn’t all that bad.  In fact, little man had a ball!  He loved getting caught in the storm and taking safety in the cave.  He thought it was pretty cool, and well, it wasn’t all bad.  You gotta love the south…those violent afternoon thunderstorms can build up out of nowhere and strike with a vengeance.  All in all, I’d have to say the trip turned out pretty awesome despite the minor detour!


[getting ready for our departure]


[row, row, row your boat…]



[…gently down the stream]


[merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream]


[now what’s for lunch?!]






[this is the point when we abandoned the boat and took cover under a bridge…]



[and then we retreated into a cave once the storm turned a little scarier…and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, both proverbially and literally]


[last shot of the day–after someone graciously rescued returned us to our car, we all got to purchase some dry clothes…check out what his shirt says, lol!]