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Science and Nature for Kids {Making a Bird Feeder for the Backyard}

Just a note–I have so many aspirations for this blog. To share our story, to inspire others, to advocate for special needs acceptance, to educate others about adoption and the voiceless children of the world, to find community, to share fun activites involving science and nature, to document our outdoor excursions, to advocate for the healing power of nature and to just muse about life in general. Wow, too much? I’m not sure at this point. I am going to start a concerted effort to step up the content of this blog. I am going to do this in several ways. In the short-term, here are some ways I’m going to do it….

I love finding new recipes, and I will be back next week with a recipe round-up full of fun and delicious recipes. Right now I’m starting something new with this post–a dedicated day of the week where I will share about all the fun science and nature activities I do with the kids. I hope you all enjoy! And stay tuned for more awesome changes in the near future.


We virtually spend all of our free time outdoors. When we are not hiking, canoeing or playing at the park, we are enjoying the woods that make up our backyard. We play and even eat putdoors daily during good weather. As I write this, I am listening and watching my kids from our back deck as they explore the yard. I was inspired by this craft to make our own bird feeder for the backyard. Little Man is quite the bird watcher and our wooded backyard is already full of a huge variety of birds. Why not give them a place to dine within view of our deck?! Here’s how we did it.

Materials Needed:

plastic bottle (can be a 2 L soda bottle, we used a smaller one) and lid
string or yarn
funnel or sheet of paper
nail and hammer
wooden kitchen spoons
bird seed


Make a hile in the lid of the bottle using a nail and hammer. Insert the string through the hile in the lid and secure with a knot.


Cut holes in the bottle that will allow you to insert some wooden spoons through the bottle like this:



Now fill the bottle with seed (I didn’t have a funnel, so I made one out of a sheet of paper) and hang on a tree. You will notice that as the bird lands on the spoon, seeds seep out from your cut holes onto the spoon:




Now sit back and enjoy as you watch your new feathered friends come out to dine!