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[mis]Adventures in Soap Making

[Or alternatively titled The way in which I creatively cut half my pinky nail and five layers of skin off.  Either one, you pick.]


This is really a post about soap re-creating if we are going to be totally honest. Although I have made soap from scratch in the past, this post is all about upcycling some plain Jane craft store soap (no offense to any Janes out there reading). This a fun, easy craft that the whole family can enjoy and the end products make great gifts!  If you came here looking for a way to make soap from scratch, check out this link.

Now back to the project at hand. Ready for some good, clean fun?  Then don’t do what I did and cut the tip of your pinky off as you are creating your precious soaps.  Your good clean fun will turn into what looks like a scene from a horror movie.  But I digress.

You will need to collect some plastic containers (the bottoms of soda bottles and fruit cup containers are a great choice) to use as soap molds:


And of course you will need some glycerin soap base which can be conveniently purchased from a craft store:


Now comes the fun part! You will need some fruits and herbs of your choice. For our project we chose to accentuate our soaps with fruits and herbs  like lemon rinds, mint leaves, thyme and blueberries. You will also need a food processor or blender to puree some of these suckers.

Puree the lemon rinds in the processor and set aside. Do the same with the mint leaves and blueberries. You may have to add a little bit of water to the mint leaves in order to puree them. Once everything is pureed, make sure to soak up any extra water from your friuts and herbs:




For the thyme, grab a little helper and use the leaves the way they are, no processing required.




OK, now spray your soap molds with cooking spray and heat up the desired amount of soap in a glass bowl in the microwave. Once the soap is melted,stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of your desired fruit ot herb and pour into molds:


Let your soaps harden for about an hour at room temperature then transfer them to the freezer for a couple of hours. Now they are ready to pop out and and be used on all the little grimy hands in your house. Don’t forget to gaze upon your glorious creations and check soap re-creation off of your bucket list.  Oh, and if cutting or trimming your soaps with a sharp knife, don’t cut off the tip of your pinky finger.  No one wants blood in their soap, right?  Ahem.


Now wrap up your spectacular little creations and give these made-with-love gifts to your friends and family. We wrapped ours with scrapbook paper and twine:



For more inspiration, check out this link.  Let me know if you give this project a try, I wanna hear about it!  Unless you cut your pinky finger off.  Then just don’t mention, mkay?