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Yes? No? Help please! (i.e. delurk to help a mama out)

For all of you world-travellers who take on the world with {2} toddlers in tow (any takers??), what do you think about this restraint:

There is absolutely no way we can lug two carseats half way around the world.  Maybe it’s possible, but I’m tellin’ ya, we can’t do it.  I learned a lot on our 48+ hour journey home from Vietnam. Luckily, Little Man was just a baby then and he couldn’t even walk. It was still a little rough even though he slept through a lot of it (yes, lucky mama right here). Now, Little Man has to be restrained or he’ll be running laps, dancing in the aisle and climbing over the seats the entire flight.  So there’s no question about it, my kid is not one to sit still on his own. And then there’s Big Brother…who hasn’t even ventured out of the orphanage much in the last 3.5 years…so, ya know…

OK, help please.  These restraints are a little pricey, but obviously easy to use and carry along.  Advice?

P.S.  Just in case you think I am some kind of super mommy crazy lady(muwahahaha) for attempting to travel 10,000 miles with 2 three year olds in tow-one of whom doesn’t know us- I’m hoping to have a travel helper come along with us to Hong Kong… my MIL 😉